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Great Plain

The Great Hungarian Plain is an agriculture region which makes up 80% of Hungary's land mass. Across this great plain from North to South, meanders the Tisza River, a tributary of the Danube.
The cultural landscape of the Hortobágy Puszta consists of a vast area of plains and wetlands in Eastern Hungary. Traditional forms of land use, such as the grazing of domestic animals, have been present in this pastoral society for more than 2000 years.
The Great Hungarian Plain has a Northern and a Southern part. Lake Tisza is a separate touristic sight and region in the area of the North Plain.
Main cities in the region are Debrecen, Nyíregyháza and Szolnok. In the Southern area: Kecskemét, Békéscsaba and Szeged.

In the Northern Great Plain region of Hungary you you can a have a taste a bit of everything:

  • endless, flat steppe, the “puszta” in Hungarian with grazing grey cattle,
  • well-preserved village life and folk art,
  • thermal baths and spas where you can relieve the pain in your aching joints,
  • towns with historical and cultural sights,
  • welcoming restaurants with tasty local food.

Although Southern Great Plain is the region of the Puszta, an infinite flat land with peculiar natural treasures this area has countless other less known attractions in store for you.

  • some lively cities with stunning architecture, interesting museums and with vivid cultural life
  • small villages where people preserve the folk customs and crafts of their ancestors
  • thermal baths with medicinal waters
  • regional culinary delights

The beauties of the Puszta inspired several Hungarian poets (Sándor Petőfi, János Arany, Gyula Juhász) and writers who created some of the most memorable lyrics of Hungarian literature.  Famous Hungarian horse breeds like Nóniusz or Furioso at Mezőhegyes, which also has a coach museum.




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