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Incentive team building programs


Equestrian Programs

On arrival at the equestrian park guests are welcomed with fresh scones topped, cookies,  brandy and mineral water.

Horse  Show/Duration: 40 minutes/                                  

  • Four hand drive, pony driven carriage
  • Display of nomad warrior archery - archery on horseback, throwing a spear, jumping through fire
  • Skills of the horsemen – making the horse lie down, cracking the whip, competition between the horsemen
  • Competition involving the guests – knocking a bottle with the whip
  • Cart pulled by four oxen
  • Display by funny trained donkey
  • Puszta-five
  • Horse display of „Queen Elizabeth” in costume, sitting side-saddle

 Puszta Olympic Games

  • Archery: The competitors try to shoot with the help of professional archers. Scoring takes place according to professional rules
  • Barrel riding: There are four marks on the tree 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4. The competitor and thus the team score 2 points depending on how far they can pull themselves along the tree with the help of the rope
  • Knocking down a bottle with a whip: A bottle must be knocked down from 2-3 metres with a whip.
  • Horse-shoe-throwing: The guests have to throw the horseshoes into a bucket from 3-4 metres.
  • Throwing the log, tug-of-war duel, wheelbarrow races, finding the needle in the haystack, pitching the pitchfork into the bale of straw....

Coach driving competition The coach driving World Champions  introduce you  the rules. The order of departure is decided by a draw and then everyone goes around the course. (The guests are escorted over the course by the Lázár brothers, to see the course they will have to follow in the obstacle coach driving race. 20-50 coaches can start at a time.) The winner is the person who completes the course in the shortest time with the fewest mistakes.


There is no more classic symbol of communism than the plastic-box-with-wheels, that is the Trabant ! Presentation and description of the tasks of the trabant rally However, there are some unexpected challanges to test you along the tour. The distance is about 60km that can be done easily in one hourThe itinery goes through a nice natural enviroment with almost no traffic. On arrival at the finish, participants are welcome by scones and brandy. Valuation of the tasks, prize for the winners. The program ends with lunch or dinner.


 Cooking course

 During this programme the guests can bake in an open-air oven, roast on a spit and cook in a kettle pot. They can learn it in an original, pure Hungarian peasant surrounding. The guests are received by the chef, who greets them with a drink and tells stories about his cooking experiences. The cooking starts. The participants work with either raw, or pre-cooked ingredients. They cook goulash soup in a kettle pot, roast chicken on a spit, mix the ingredients of milk pie and bake it. After the work everybody can taste the dinner, including the dishes made by the guests themselves. While our new "guest cooks" have their own cooking, they can listening to Gipsy music. We serve red or white wine from carafe and mineral water.

 Laser fight

 The first realistic outdoor war game that causes no pain and has zero negative influence on the environment. This is an ideal possibility to play war games for such people who up till now could only play in front of their computer and who fear a real life combat, because at the danger of injuries. The lasertag games could also take place in protected areas or on a larger field between houses. The game can be accomplished in nearly every environment in absolute security without any protecting outfit. The equipment provided by us consists of the following elements:

-           Laser weapon           (gun)
-           Headband-sensor
-           Laser grenade
-           Scenario Master Software (in case of the scenario game)

The weapons work in a similar way as TV remote controls within the known spectrum of infrared light and for the human eyes absolutely harmless. Two or more teams can play the war games simultaneously. The different game types provide endless possibilities. The game master (in case of scenario games) can create teams with different number of participants, which also can be varied during the game. Within a team the players can become a different status, which can influence the functions of the used equipments (to be programmed). Examples of such functions are: VIP person, terrorist, bodyguard or sniper. At the end of the game each player receives an individual qualifying report (in case of the scenario game). The report contains the number of 'hits' on the playfield and other information on individual performance. Also women prove to be good fighters and are craving for this laser game!


Medieval Tournament and Royal Feast

Visegrad – once the country’s royal capital, is the place where we travel for medieval fun and games. After passing beneath a mighty portculli into the twon’s castle, you will climb 130 steps to the top of the 13th century tower and its breathtaking view over the Danube Bend. Quench your thirst with brimming goblets of wine  served by waiters in traditional costumes of Middle Ages. Next, gather at the foot of the tower to watch a thrilling and realistic re-enactment of a medieval battle performed by skilled members of the St.George Order. When the fight finished, the group will be divided into teams to shoot it out in an archery competition. Finally, stufff yourself silly at a sumptuous medieval banquet at the Renaissance Restaurant. Dine with knights, pages and royals, eat from earthenware platters and serenaded by lute players and dancers. Real „old-fashioned” entertainment !

 HOLLÓKŐ – traditional Hungarian hospitality

Hollókő is a little village of just 400 people -  in a valley 100 kms from Budapest, surrounded by forested hills – is caught in time, living the life and preserving the folk traditions of a bygone era. The villagers speak with the Palóc peasant dialect and often wear vivid, homemade Palóc costumes, their houses have wooden verandas and contain three rooms, just as they have since the 17th century. This breathtaking peace of history and tradition is so valuable, that the village with its hilltop castle and 67 buildings has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. You will be greeted at the village with some fruit brandy and delicious scones served hot from the oven, before enjoying a performance by local singers in traditional costumes. A lady from your groupwill even have the chance to try one of the peasant costumes, comprising up to ten (!) layers of skirts. Program ends with traditional, homemade Hungarian dishes at local families,


 SISSI” Tour in Gödöllő

The Royal Palace of Gödöllő is one of the most important, largest monuments of Hungarian Palace architecture. Its builder, Count Antal Grassalkovich I (1694-1771) was a typical figure of the Hungarian aristocracy of the 18th century. He was the president of the Hungarian Chamber, and confidant of Empress Maria Theresa (1740-1780). During the reign of Franz Joseph it became the favoured Hungarian residence for the Austro-Hungarian Royal family. The Emperor’s wife, the highly admired Queen Elizabeth, well-known as Sissi, especially loved Gödöllő. The baroque theatre, a unique one in Europe, has also been restored, and after 200 years, has once again become a working theatre. Welcome the guests at Gödöllő by „Sissi” (winner of alterego contest) in a private area of Sissi Garden. Welcome drink (0,1 l apricot wine – Sissi’s favourite drink) is served. Guided visit in the Royal Palace Museum telling stories of the Royal couple and history of Palace. Performance in the Baroque Theatre  (app. 30 minutes). Dances, music and costumes through the history – from Roman Ages till Art Nouveau. Caroussel perfomance in the Palace Park. Lunch in the Veranda in Sissi wing of Palace.


Hot Balloon flight

Since the beginning of time people have dreamed of flight. Ballooning is exhilarating and peaceful, thrilling, pleasant, romantic, and daring. All while quietly floating in space. The Balloonist Poem:

“May the winds welcome you with softness.
May the Sun bless you with his warm hands.
May you fly so high and so well that the Gods join you in laughter
and set you gently back into the loving arms of Mother Earth.”

Program starts at morning or evening time, take approximately 1 hour, but with preparation and after works max. 3 hours. The minimum number of person is 2, in one basket max 6-8 can stay, and the maximal capacity with 15 balloons was 110 pax at the same time. The people, who enjoy the flight at first time, will receive a certification.

G1 Kart Racing

Large indoor track of 450 meters long and 4 up to 7 meters broad.  There is a bar for drinks with view on the track.

MiniKart Race:
Renting time: 1-2 hours
Rent type:The whole track
Other attribtes: 5 attendants on the track
Number of gokarts at one time on the track: 8+1
Number of participants: 8-16 person

The program includes (/person):

  • 1 practice round
  • 1 qualifying session
  • 15 race laps

Nascar Race:
Renting time: 2 hours
Rent type: The whole track
Other attribtes: 5 attendants on the track
Number of gokarts at one time on the track: 8+1
Number of participants: 12-24 person

The program includes (/person):

  • 2 practice rounds
  • 2 qualifying session
  • 15 race laps for the 7 best participants

Formula Race:
Renting time: 3 hours
Rent type: The whole track
Other attribtes: 5 attendants on the track
Number of gokarts at one time on the track: 8+1
Number of participants: 18-32 person

The program includes (/person):

  • 2 practice rounds
  • 2 qualifying session
  • 15 race laps for the 7 best participants
  • 15 race laps for the second 7 best participants


Budapest Turf Club

Budapest Turf Club – tourist program in the Kincsem Park, where you may win experience as well as money!

  • Thoroughbred horses competing in horse racing and trotting
  • Hefty bets with huge prizes
  • Active participation in Budapest’s bubbly social life
  • A parade of fashionable hats
  • A wide range of culinary delights

Don’t miss the unique weekend event, including meals and a professional animator at an air-conditioned VIP site.

Upon arrival, our animator gives you an overview of the history and traditions of Hungarian horse racing, with all the secrets behind the scenes. Then you are invited to visit the stables with their thoroughbred horses, meet the jockeys, attend the weighing in session, and may even get into and try the small sulkies.
With their fingers crossed for their favourites, guests watch the actual race over their meal of Hungarian delicacies in the Panoráma Restaurant. Assisted by our animator, they can have two tickets betting 'Win', 'Place' or ‘Each way” on their horses, winning large sums of money. Information on races is provided in the turf magazine in English, German and French. The runs may be watched through binoculars or on closed-circuit monitors.
In the meanwhile, ladies will have a chance to browse through and purchase the fashionablehats,gloves, jewelry and souvenirs of famous derbies.









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