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In Central Transdanubia, Hungary you'll encounter a fascinating combination of royal cities, tiny villages snuggling in valleys, divine wines, culinary delights and natural treasures. Perhaps the most dynamic region of Hungary after Budapest is the Western Transdanubia where the nearness of Austria and the unique natural resources, together with the regions history and traditions enabled the area to establish prosperous industry and tourism. Ethnic minorities living in the region (Germans, Croats) take pride in their tresaures and traditions and manage to preserve them which add a special atmosphere to Western Hungary. Visitors to the Western Transdanubia region can explore the culture and history of the region, through the medieval castles, baroque palaces and churches.
Hiking through the Pannon, Kõszegi or Soproni Hills, or the untouched lands of Fertõ-Hanság, Írottkõ or Szigetköz is popular and relaxing in thermal baths.

Southern Transdanubia, a varied landscape with flat terrains stretching betwen green hills, and valleys, lies south of Lake Balaton, the Danube bordering it on the west and the river Dráva on the south.

Pécs is the fifth largest city of Hungary. In 2010 Pécs was selected to be the European Capital of Culture sharing the title together with Essen and Istanbul. The city's motto is: "The Borderless City". After receiving the title major renewal started in the city.Renewed public places, streets, squares and neighbourhoods, new cultural centers, a concert hall, a new library and center and a cultural quarter were designed.
This mediterranean island has exciting attractions for the visitors in store:

  • historic cities and sights
  • thermal baths
  • hiking, horse riding
  • folk traditions
  • cultural programs
  • food and wines

 The warm, temperate climate with lots of sunshine make this region a popular tourist destination within Hungary.



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